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Understanding power for organisational integrity 

Having successfully influenced for the Charity Governance Code’s Integrity Principle to include power dynamics, Alex along with six colleagues, is exploring how power analysis can enable holistic and coherent approaches to organisational integrityPower & Integrity (PI) is a new open-source nonprofit initiative they have co-founded. Its aim is to help purpose-led organisations achieve greater impact towards a more just society by putting integrity at the heart of everything they do. PI’s work is dedicated to supporting organisations and the wider sector to avoid deepening the very injustices it seeks to address. 

Enabling organisations to thrive with integrity

Alex’s consultancy & training offer includes:

  • effective board and good governance training (Charity Governance Code and the Essential Trustee)
  • support developing organisational integrity strategies, policies, and frameworks which enable a holistic and coherent approach to addressing social & environmental responsibility, culture, and misconduct  
  • focused areas of consultancy support includes practical application of ethical standards and decision making frameworks for corporate and high net value partnerships as well as organisational investments
  • advising practitioners, boards and executives on ethics and integrity risk and decision-making frameworks
  • bespoke governance and integrity training and workshops

Experience, current and former roles 

An innovative ethics leader with multi-sectoral experience, known for her breadth of applied ethics experience, Alex has extensive experience developing strategies, policies, and frameworks, which integrate ethics whilst navigating the complexities of operational realities. With a solid understanding of the need for an integrated approach, she addresses a broad range of ethical issues across operations, supply chains and partnerships.

Her last in-house role was Head of Ethics and Compliance for Oxfam GB following the safeguarding crisis in 2018. Alex spearheaded the strategy to address misconduct under one coherent framework. Prior to that, she set up the first corporate responsibility programme in the International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) sector so that Oxfam GB could better ‘walk the talk’ in its campaigning on business, human rights, and the environment. She also draws on combined experience working in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Alex draws on power analysis theory from her MA in Gender and Development at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex. 

Alex is a Board Trustee of the Sophie Hayes Foundation which supports women survivors of human trafficking to achieve independence through employability. She also sits on the Risk and Finance Committee